Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's only a game

Some take the game seriously, too serious, in fact, that their zealousness is preventing others from joining in the fun. If it were a typical game, it wouldn't have mattered. But this is a life-and-death game, you lose, you're dead. As for the winners, they'd soon find out that as the others are increasingly pushed out, the game is about to end. The end means the end for all, the winners included.

The game is, of course, the wealth accumulation game. To keep the game going, the winners, if they are sensible enough, should throw some of their winnings to the losers so that the game can keep on going for the benefit of all while waiting for the successor game (the Fifth Kondratieff Wave) to be ushered in.

In a philosophical break from this rigorous pursuit of wealth, we should sit back and reflect on the wise words of the following people, some deceased, some still winning and one fictional:

If only the winners could see the lighter side of the game, their views of the losers probably wouldn't be so harsh. After all, they could be winners only because the greater others have been losers.

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